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Estrella Taqueria Launch Event

estrella taqueria

I know I am arriving late to the show, but better late than never, eh….I can’t believe the number of times I have used this excuse.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to attend Estrella Taqueria’s launch event in North York, which was packed with free booze, food, games, snacks, and people, but more on that in a bit.


The venue was pretty awesome with a long bar running along the length of the main dining room with a 360 degree bar to the right. Further down we get to a flight of stairs which leads to a loft space overlooking the main room and the small stage that was set up right below and close to the bar.

estrella - stage

The loft space also leads to the outdoor patio, which I didn’t check out due to how cold it was. I can imagine that during the warmer month, the patio will be a hit. The walls of the loft space were covered in awesome graffiti which is probably great for those sitting at the far back who do not have view to the small stage below.

estrella - loft graffiti

That’s all good, but there are 2 things that set this venue apart from 99% of the other ones. The first was the cozy window spot at almost street level. You take a step (or was it two?) down and you can sit on one of the few cozy sofa chairs, two of which are right next to a warm gas fireplace. I welcomed the fireplace on such a cold night.

Second, and probably a touch more awesome than the fireplace was the game room at the back. Yuuuup…a game room. There were two billiard tables set up for table tennis (or ping pong if you will). At first I thought it would take forever to play a game, but people were into sharing, probably because they were already a few drinks deep.

estrella - game room

Overall, very nice venue.


The moment I set foot through the door I was offered one of the multiple sangria-filled glasses piled near the front doors. Oh yeah, that’s my kind of place…but of course this was a launch event so I was sort of expecting something like this.

After a few steps I had reached the bottom of my glass, but luckily by the time I made it to the end of the bar, there was a table set up with samples from Pravda vodka. People were getting mixed drinks, but I nicely asked the gentleman serving the vodka if I could get straight vodka…and I did. It was pretty decent. I tried some more with ice later that evening and it was even better – pretty smooth.

estrella - pravda vodka

A few steps to the left and BAM, stairs. Up the stairs and right up to the next table – wine. I decided to take a few more steps to the right so I could see what tequila was being served – Cazadores (Anejo and Reposado). According to the lady serving the tequila, this is the house tequila brand. I got a glass of the anejo and really liked it. Then I tried the reposado, which I found more rough and too boozy.

estrella - cazadores

For the walk downstairs to the main room, I grabbed a glass of red wine, which lasted me till I got to the opposite end of the wrap around bar, where I got a glass of Krombacher Dark. This was a surprising choice of beer for a launch event as I was expecting something more….er…Mexican? Still, I enjoyed it very much. So much, that I had a Pils right after. Both I enjoyed by the fireplace, which was a great way to end the night – early and tipsy.


Throughout the venue there were countless nacho platters and various dips. The nachos were delicious and extremely delicious – salty, a touch greasy and very crunchy. Yeah, I had a lot. The dips? The guacamole (not much of a dip) was spicy and also addictive.

estrella - nachos

Tacos were being circulated, but with only 5 per tray and so many people in the venue, they were disappearing quickly. I was lucky enough to score one, which was also pretty damn good.

Overall Impressions

It was a great launch event with pretty good food and booze, but I wonder what the rest of the food is like…also I wanted to try a bunch of other tequilas. Next time I am in North York, I will stop by, but unfortunately for me, that day may not be soon as it is a 40 minute cab right from downtown. I would like to thank the guys at Estrella for the free food and booze and also thank the people serving said free food and booze. Also, I wish I had brought my DSLR or a good pocket camera.

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