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Black Fly Whisky Sour

black fly whisky sour

The new Black Fly beverages continue with another sour…as Whisky Sour. I am a huge fan of whisky sours and used to be my go-to drink in my early drinking days. Nowadays, I still order one or two, but not as often as I used to.

Black Fly’s Whisky Sour has a cloudy, yellow color than the traditional brownish color since whisky makes up a smaller portion in this beverage than the traditional mixed cocktail you get at a bar, or make at home. Lime and lemon dominate the nose, but there is a hint of coconut and a veeery subtle whisky note. The flavor is sour-forward with whisky coming in at the very end. Some candy-like sweetness makes an appearance, but thanks to the sourness, it is kept at bay. There is a slight booziness but the sour nature of the cocktail make it very easy to drink without experiencing that typical throat burn. The finish is semi-dry and citrus heavy with a light caramel tone.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

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