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Death’s Door Vodka

deaths door vodka

Death’s Door vodka has been around for almost 10 years, but it recently made its debut to LCBO…and I was there. Thirsty for something new and to restock my vodka supply, I grabbed a bottle, hid it in a brown paper bad and caringly transported it to my freezer where it sat for an hour before I cracked it open.


The first impression that I got was how rich and full the aroma was. There are notes of cream, sweet malt, corn, vanilla and flowers. The bouquet does a tremendous job at masking the alcoholic nature of this 80 proof spirit. There is more of the richness and creaminess on the palate, but there is also a mix of spices that tickle the tongue and warm the stomach. The finish is warm, peppery with a hint of creamy vanilla and a hit of that sharp alcoholic vodka note.


I usually make my Martinis with Tito’s following this recipe:

    • 3 parts vodka
    • 1 part dry vermouth (used Dolin this time)
    • splash of olive brine or pickled jalapeno brine
    • pickled jalapeno slice/olive/pickle

I was surprised by the depth the rich Death’s Door flavor gave the Martini. In the couple of weeks I was playing around with this vodka and the Martini recipes, I found that the addition of a very salty pickle cut right through the richness giving the Martini a very clean cut. Amazing!

Rating: 4.5/5.0

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