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Dolin Dry Vermouth Review

dolin dry vermouth

Dolin Dry vermouth has been my go to dry vermouth for a couple of years now, mainly due to the fact it is one of like 3 dry vermouths sold by most LCBOs in Ontario. Sure, if you live next to one of the key stores, you might find a new dry vermouth in the vintages section, but unfortunately 3 dry vermouths is all you get to pick from. With Martini gone, that leaves Dolin and one other one, which I also have a bottle of. But for now, lets focus on the Dolin.

First off, Dolin comes in a 750 mL bottle that retails for $14.40. That is $0.15 more than the red vermouth Dolin also has for sale at the LCBO. Why? I don’t know.

Unlike Martini’s dry vermouth, Dolin’s is almost colorless. Filling a small wine glass will provide you with enough of a volume to start noting a super pale straw/white rose/beige color, but it is still difficult to see anything. Why does color matter? Well, for one you can make a crystal clear martini and still get a hint of vermouth. And two…..there is only one reason I can think of.

Despite the subtle color…or lack of, there is nothing subtle about the aroma. There are strong blend of pear, oak, herb, citrus and spice notes. The taste is seemingly light at first, but once the vermouth coats your tongue, the herbs and spices blossom and cover the entire mouth. Towards the finish you get a hint of citrus and pear with a long lasting oak aftertaste along with some warmth in your chest. Unlike Martini’s dry vermouth, this one is very dry, so don’t go looking for a hint of sweetness.

The flavor is so great that this vermouth is not just for mixing, I also sometimes drink it chilled.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

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