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Snapple Spike Fuji Apple Tea Vodka and Raspberry Cherry Tea Vodka

snapple spiked fuji apple raspberry cherry tea vodka

Snapple’s 2015 Spike release must have been a huge hit because they just rolled out two new Spike beverages – Fuji Apple Tea and Raspberry!!! I thought that their 2015 Spiked Peach Tea Vodka was just a convenient package and nothing more, but I guess convenience sells. It definitely sold me 2 of their new cans for $2.90 each.

Fuji Apple Tea Vodka

OK, I have to admit that I like the green can. I am a sucker for green stuff…and apples. They are like at least 10% of my daily intake, sometimes 100%. I juice them, I eat them and I sometimes absorb their minerals by just looking at them.

Back to the matter at hand. The Fuji Apple Tea definitely looks like brewed tea, but smell like apple juice with some tea. Like the one you get in cans or in juice boxes as part of your school lunch…aaaaah, to be a kid again. In my unbiased opinion (OK, extremely biased apple opinion), this drink is pretty damn good. The flavor starts off with a mix of tart apples and earthy, semi-sweet tea which are easy on the tongue and make you want to pound an entire can. The vodka taste does come, unfortunately, but it is very brief. The burst of vodka is quickly followed by more of the tart apple goodness and semi-sweet earthiness which give you a semi-dry and clean finish. Amazing. OK, I like this one.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Raspberry Cherry Tea Vodka

The actual name is RaspCherry Tea Vodka, but I am going to call it Raspberry Cherry Tea Vodka.

First off, I wish I had taken a photo of this beverage because the color threw me off…but in a good way. With words like Raspberry and Cherry in the name, I was half expecting something pink, or red, but this has a light golden color…just like the Fuji Apple and the Peach Tea that was released last year. The good thing about this is that there are no artificial colors so that’s a good start.

There are definitely notes of cherries and sweet/sour raspberries on the nose…but there is also a sharp alcoholic note. The flavor is very similar, but the alcohol is what hits you first. Once past the alcohol wave, you get a semi-sweet, semi-tart berry concoction without a driving flavor. Soon after, and right before the finish, a very enjoyable candy-like raspberry note emerges which gives way to a weaker cherry flavor and some earthy tea  tones.

The raspberry flavor is fantastic and I especially loved its candy-like sweetness, but for me, this one is the weakest of the Snapple Spiked flavors.

Rating: 2.75/5.0

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