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Woody’s Mango Passion Fruit Vodka Beverage

woodys mango passion fruit vodka

99% of LCBO’s sales are disappointing and I get it. It is government operated and there are certain brackets for alcohol percentages. Most sales give you $0.10 to maybe a few dollars off on moderately prices booze. But now I found a secret hiding spot with sales!!!! It is like finding a passage through a wardrobe.

So this little sales section was at the Cooper Street store that shares a block with LCBO’s head office in Toronto. Walk in, make a sharp left, go around into the nook and look for the yellow labels. I got a pack of Woody’s for $5.60 and there were many of them. Not just the one flavor, or one pack, there were dozens. There were also other types of headache inducing beverages that no one wants…but hey – $5.60 yo.


Well, for $5 you get 4 brightly colored bottles whose contents have a strong vodka scent with a sweet tropical fruit undertone with subtle hints of mango. The taste has more of a punch with vodka coming in first, followed by a mix of artificial tropical flavors, followed by light mango and finally a twist of passion fruit…with a trace of yeast.

By more punch I mean more than the aroma, which is pretty bland. The flavor is actually not too strong, but the beverage is also not too sweet so that’s good.

So is it? Maybe, I dunno. But if I see it again for $5 and I am hosting a party with guests who are not into 60% bourbon, then maybe.

Rating: 2.5/5.0

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