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Captain Morgan Spiked Root Beer

captain morgan spiked root beer

And the root beer saga continues. This is the third root beer beverage LCBO has introduced this summer (check out the other ones here) and for $2.70 a can could be yours.

Unlike the previous root beers, this one is spiked with rum and clocks in significantly higher at 7% ABV. And with the higher ABV, comes a sharp, alcoholic scent that reeks of sweet dark rum and spices…and some root beer in there.

OK, I thought that the aroma had some root beer, but the flavor has minimal root beer flavor. I mean, this tastes mostly like spiced dark rum than root beer. The flavor is oakey, earthy, alcoholic with molasses and some spices that kick in towards the finish that sort of make it taste like a root beer at the end. Dang, how can Captain Morgan mess this up? I mean, this should be as easy as rum and coke, but rum and root beer. Come one!

The best thing about this is the mild anise aftertaste you get when you wait for a few minutes.

Rating: 2.0/5.0

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