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Somersby Elderflower Lime Cider

somersby elderflower lime

Not surprised to see a new Somersby this summer, but I am a bit surprised that Somersby have chosen elderflower as the flavor for this year’s cider. Elderflower ciders are nothing new and they were pretty popular the past couple of years thanks to Rekorderlig and Strongbow, but I feel that the elderflower craze has died down a bit. Or maybe that’s a good time to introduce a new product and capture some of the market with a new product? I don’t know.

This golden colored cider fills the air around you immediately upon contact with the outside world. The elderflower aromas are floral and very strong. So strong they overwhelm the any traces of lime on the nose. The flavor is almost as intense with a rich bouquet of elderflower at the start of each sip and a hint of refreshing lime for the finish. A slight alcoholic note appears between the rich start and clean finish, but doesn’t last long enough to negatively impact the overall enjoyability of this beverage. Gentle floral notes linger well into the finish and blend well with the base apple/pear notes to give your mouth a clean and refreshed feeling. This might be the best Somersby flavor to date!

Rating: 4.0/5.0

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