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Tickling Pink Pink Lemonade

tickling pink pink lemonade

Either these names are getting more sexual, or I am becoming more twisted. Tickling Pink is the latest summer cocktail released by Jaw Drop, the guys that make these awesome looking cans with eyes and fingers…and apparently innuendos now.

This pink concoction has an odd medicinal first whiff but once you hover your nose over the surface, you get hints of cherries, grapefruit, various citrus peels and a punch of vodka. The taste is heavy on the alcohol and vodka saturates the tastebuds at every stop of every sip. When your tastebuds get a break, you get mildly sweet grapefruit and lemon notes that sometimes get lost and you are left with just a mixture of generic flavors. Some sourness is present to give this a lemonade character, but not enough of it. Oh, and let’s not forget the finishing alcoholic notes or the few moments after.

I kind of liked the previous Jaw Drop concoctions, but this one seems too alcoholic for me.

Rating: 2.5/3.0

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