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Rittenhouse Rye Bourbon

rittenhouse straight rye whisky

Whew, I almost failed to save another bourbon for a review. It is so hard to keep these bottles at home, you know. Lately our friendly neighborhood LCBO has been stocking up on bourbons and I have been trying them one by one. The reason why I made the effort to save a bit of this one for a review was the price/quality combination. Two twenty dollar bills gets you a bottle of 100 proof Rittenhouse Rye Bourbon. Yo, I am a sucker 90+ proof stuff and 100 proof for $40??? That’s awesome.

This bourbon has a deep amber color that I absolutely love. The nose is strong with notes of cherries, charred wood, burnt sugar, dried sweet fruits, vanilla and some ethanol that burns a little. The palate is a bit heavier and very spicy! The Rittenhouse bites, but it does have strong leather, oak, dried prunes, vanilla and cherry notes. The finish is long with lingering charred wood and cinnamon notes.

Since it is 100 proof, I don’t feel bad at all about adding bit of water when the mood strikes. A few drops don’t affect the potency and help bring out sweeter notes on the nose and palate. The vanilla jumps on the nose, and notes of cinnamon emerge. The palate is a tad smoother and sweeter towards the finish. Great!

This is a sipper with a lot of value. It also makes a mean Manhattan.

Rating – 4.5/5.0

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