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Glenmorangie Ten Years Old

glenmorangie ten years old

My first exposure to Glenmorangie was a couple of years ago at the neighborhood scotch palace and since then I have purchased and consumed several bottles. This time I saved a few fingers for a proper sit down and review. I know. Crazy. How can I save so much scotch?

Glenmorangie Ten Years Old is one of the more popular single malts in Ontario and is available in most LCBO stores. Despite its $70 price tag, it always seems to find a place on the shelves. Not even behind the glass, it is always on the shelves. I have seen cheaper spirits behind glass doors so not sure what qualifies something to be locked away. In any case, enough with the ramblings and onward to the review.

This scotch has a very light golden color and a light body. Swirling it in a glass leaves no legs, or tears. It just goes down quickly and easily. The nose is spicy yet light and fruity with notes of banana, vanilla, honey and some leather. The mouth feel is moderate and silky. The palate is peppery but carries more of the fruitiness with hints of honey, apricots, plums and bananas. The finish is moderate to long with peppery notes, traces of alcohol and lingering sweet dried fruits.

If you wish to dilute it, a few drops of water mellow out the scotch and bring out floral characteristics and intensify the sweet fruits.

No matter which way you enjoy it, this is an easy sipping, yet complex enough, scotch that is good on both hot days and cold days.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

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