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Amsterdam Sweetwater Squeeze Radler Berry Blend

amsterdam sweetwater squeeze radler berry blend

Sunday evening we were pretty bored so we went out for a walk that led us to Amsterdam’s brewery along the waterfront. Since there was still an insane line up for the patio and bar (it was 10:00 pm on Sunday!!!), we opted for the brew store where among the normal beers there was the new Sweetwater Squeeze Radler Berry Blend.┬áThis is the second radler Amsterdam makes (first one is the Orange one) and goes for $2.95.

Though the berry blend includes apples, blueberries, raspberries and cherries, this radler has a strong malty aroma with a sour twist where it is almost impossible to distinguish between the different berries. Except for the raspberries. They are sour! The flavor is interesting, but nothing mind blowing. I bet that if you have the fresh version, it will be 100 times better. The canned version has a sweet start with a medley of sweet and sour berries, followed by a light, semi-sweet malt and a grassy finish with more of the berry medley. Other than the raspberries and some blueberries towards the end, the individual flavors are very hard to distinguish while drinking. The finish is where things truly emerge. If you wait for a minute, you even get a very nice sweet and sour apple note that almost made me think that I just had an apple.

This is an interesting beer, but I am not sold on the beer and berry mix. The ┬ámalty backbone didn’t go well with the berry medley for me. The orange works better, especially the fresh one you get at the bar!

Rating – 2.75/5.0

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