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Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer


Yesss!!! Finally found a can of Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer to take home and review in peace. I have had this in the past and loved it, but never at home, never in close proximity to a cell phone, a pad and a pen, or a computer…and never really that sober until now.

Crazy Uncle is the fourth alcoholic root beer to be released at LCBO after Mill Street’s, Dusty Boots, and Captain Morgan’s. Unlike the other root beers, this one looks and smells like one from top to bottom and from every angle. Even if you stick your nose in the can and take several hard breathers you will think that this is any other creamy root beer. But NO! This is an alcoholic one and a rather good one.

The taste is bold, rich, creamy and engulfs your tongue like any other good root beer. The spices and herbs like licorice, vanilla, mint and sarsaparilla carefully layer and give you more depth and it takes a bit of time before you start noticing the alcohol flavor. The depth and richness is so good at hiding the 5% ABV that it is easy to get carried away and have a few of these cans before your head starts to throb from the sugar and alcohol. Even the aftertaste is comparable to a nice root beer with a long lasting candy-like bold vanilla.

Wow, just wow. Get some of these if you can find them.

Rating – 4.75/5.0


  1. Lutha says:

    “Sarsaparilla” is not a spice/herb. It is a 19th century American soft drink.

    • Slavi G says:

      Sarsaparilla is a group of species of plants. One of its species was used to make Sarsaparilla, the soft drink. You can buy sarsaparilla root in most pharmacies and stores that carry a variety of herbs.

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