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Bosca Vermouth Di Torino Rosso


Bosca Di Torino Rosso is a new vermouth that recently joint the shelves of LCBO and my bar. I have been testing this vermouth for a few weeks now and finally decided to give it a review…you know, before I run out of it, panic, buy another one and repeat the whole cycle.

A one litre bottle of this vermouth will currently set you back $13.35, which is a fair price compared to the likes of Martini and Dolin. The vermouth has a deep amber color that is just captivating when poured in a clean glass. It looks viscous when swirled, leaving many slow rolling tears along the sides of the glass. The nose is bold and spicy with notes of lightly charred wood, herbs, leafy greens, leather and a helping of peppery spices. It has a medium mouthfeel but coats the tongue very well at the start of each sip. The palate is sweet at first with a lot of grapes, dates, molasses, maraschino cherries, but finishes semi-bitter, warm and dry with cloves, allspice, pepper, leather and a lingering cherry note.


In the past few weeks I made a few drinks with it and found that it complemented bolder bourbons like Rittenhouse and Knob Creek with its semi-bitter finish and cherry nature, especially the 120 proof Knob Creek. For Manhattans, I found that 1 oz Bosca to 2 oz of whisky was the sweet spot for me.

And as a finisher to my cocktails, I made maraschino cherries with the vermouth. The recipe I followed was one of the first ones I found through Google, except I replaced the Luxardo portion with a combination of 2 parts Amaretto, 1 part 120 proof Knob Creek and 1 part Bosca. The results were amazing and the cherries are still firm.

Rating – 4.5/5.0


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