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Wanderoot Classic Apple


Soooo this Wanderoot Classic Apple cider popped out of nowhere. And if you wonder how it came out of seemingly nowhere, you should know that this brand has the Molson bucks behind it, because it is a Molson product. But for a product with so much money behind it, I was expecting a better label. This one is clashy and the choice of background, font and colors make it very difficult to read any of the information on the back. Come on Molson.

Once you get past the label, Wanderoot Classic Apple has a very welcoming and warm aroma with the freshness and sweetness of freshly picked apples. A bit of sourness can be noted, but it is more toned down than some of the more popular, summery ciders. The flavor hits you with a light and sweet start, followed by a few moments of alcohol and fermented apples, followed by more of the sweetness before ending on a semi-tart and slightly dry end.

Despite some dryness at the end, this is a surprisingly sweet and mellow cider that might appeal to those who are not fans of the tartness of some of the more popular ciders. Not bad Molson, not bad.

Rating – 3.5/5.0

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