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Zwack Apricot Liquor


I love eau de vie’s (colorless fruit brandies for non-Canadians and non-French speaking folk) and fragrant and light liquors like this Zwack Apricot Liquor. Spirits like these become a staple during the warmer months due to their light and refreshing nature and the fact that these can be had fresh and don’t really need to be aged.

So, Zwack’s Apricot Liquor is one of few fruit brandies that are available at most LCBOs. I actually wanted another one when I bought this one, but the LCBOs I drove to in the area only had this, which is further proof of how popular this one is. This liquor is perfectly colorless devoid of any kind of hue. The nose is alcoholic with the 43% ABV, but beneath that beats an apricot heart…a light one, but still. The palate is soft, ┬ánot as alcoholic as the nose with a very healthy dose of ripe apricots that linger well into the finish. The finish is fruity, but a slight note of damp cellar develops, which reminds me of my grandparents cellar where my grandfather made his own apricot liquor from his own apricot orchard.

The flavor could be richer, but I still enjoy the light and fruity nature of this 86 proof spirit.

Rating – 4.0/5.0

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