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Half Hours on Earth


A couple of weeks ago we headed up to Goderich to visit friends. On the way I saw a brewery I had never heard of before – Half Hours on Earth. So I stopped by. The brewery is right on a rail line and from what I hear, open on Saturdays. For a small brewery I was surprised at how many people were there sampling beers, returning bottles, getting new beers and just hanging out. It felt friendly and cozy and the samples didn’t hurt either. After a few samples, we ended up getting 2 bottles of the 3 offerings and here are my reviews.

Easy Plateau

Easy Plateau is an oat farmhouse ale with a light golden/straw color. The beer pours with a short and bubbly head and its aroma carrier floral, hoppy and spice notes with just a touch of chamomile. The palate is lightly peppery with a strong spice presence all throughout. Some hops kick in towards the end with very light resinous notes as do hints of coriander and citrus peel. Not a bad sipper.

Rating – 3.75/5.0

Talk to me Summer

Talk to me Summer has a light golden color with a short, but creamy head. The noseĀ is so incredibly aromatic with a ton of floral, fruity and citrus hints and just a hint of cereal. The farmhouse nature of the beer comes through immediately with a series of funky, wheaty and dry flavors. Next comes a wave of medium-intensity hops with a mild resinous notes, which is then followed by fruits and subtle spices that help round off the back end. The finish is dry, with some spices, a bit of grassy hops and some of that farmhouse funk. Very interesting, easy to drink, multi-layered beer. Loved it.

Rating – 4.25/5.0


This one is super cloudy, light golden and pours with a very thick and creamy head with a very slow dissipation time. The nose is sour and funky with cloves and citrus. The flavor is strong and very Belgiany from the get-go with notes of bananas, bubblegum, spices, honey and flowers. Some pepperness and lemons kick in towards the end right before the finish which is semi-dry and a little funky with a heavy Abbey-style remnants. Heavy, but complex and good for sipping.

Rating – 3.75/5.0

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