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The Mayan Chocolate Chipotle Stout


I have a strange attraction to The Mayan Chocolate Chipotle Stout label. Just seeing the light hitting it and defining the colorful center against the pure white background just does something to me. I swear I spent a few minutes just holding the beer and staring at the label. I have no idea what it is, but for $3.45 so can you.

This pitch black, tar-like beer pours slowly and almost seems like tar with its high viscosity. It also fully absorbs light while releasing a heavy medley of dark chocolate, espresso and charred oak notes. The beer has a light mouthfeel at the start, but as it wraps around your tongue, it tends to leave light oily patches that make subsequent sips marginally heavier. Charred oak hits you front, and is then followed by semi-sweet chocolate, smoke, some espresso, and a bit of ash while your tongue is being pricked by spicy, smokey chipotle kisses. The finish is smokey with a touch of ash, solid chocolate layer and a lingering smoked chipotle hints. Very much a sipper, but damn is it good and warm.

Rating – 4.5/5.0

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