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Amager Lawrence of Arabica


Loving the name and label – Lawrence of Arabica! Awesome. If you haven’t guessed by the name, or the subtitle, this is a porter brewed with coffee. For $6.30 you can grab a 500 mL from your local LCBO.

The porter is very black! It looks like a bold, dark roast coffee and the aroma supports that. The beer has a heavy mouthfeel with a ton of coffee from the start to the end. I swear for a moment I thought I was drinking a cold brew. I cannot stress how heavy the coffee presence is in this bottle. I love it! Getting past the coffee, you do get notes of roasted malt, nuts, and a bit of oak. The finish is semi-dry with a hint of grassy hops and more of that rich coffee flavor.

The label says that this was brewed with orange zest as well, but I didn’t get much of it. Once I got a hint of steeped orange zest, but I think the coffee killed it for me.

Great sipper.

Rating – 4.5/5.0

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