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Bellwoods Brewery January 2017 Offerings

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Went for some mac and cheese this weekend at Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese so I swung by Bellwoods while waiting for my order…because you need beer with your mac and cheese. Here are the new stuff they had at the time.

Jelly King – Plum

A pink beer? What kind of wizardry is this! Yes, Bellwoods’ Jelly King Plum edition is hella pink and hella funky…both in terms of colors and the aroma. But being a dry hopped sour, the aroma also carries a hefty dose of hops if your nose can get past the funky front.

The palate is both sweet and sour at the start and tastes a lot like freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice at times. Notes of plum-like fruits do emerge after the sour/grapefruity middle and linger well into the finish…like really linger. Some grassiness emerges towards the end from the hops, but if you are looking for a hefty hit of IPA-like hops, you won’t find them here…well, only on the nose maybe. The finish is semi-dry and surprisingly clean. My only regret right now is not getting more than 2 of these and not getting the plain Jelly King for comparison.

This would make a killer summer beer!

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Dark Sour on Cherries

This is a dark sour ale on stout cherries…at least according to the official description. The beer is dark and oozes a combination of funky sour and roasted notes with subtle hints of cocoa. The palate is sour for 90% of the time but towards the finish you get a mild wave of roasted coffee, nuts and dark chocolate. The first 90% is tart cherries and funky wild notes.┬áThe blend of the two styles leaves you with an interesting aftertaste that is reminiscent of chocolate cherry cakes.

Very sour and enjoyable.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

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