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Amaro Lucano

amaro lucano

Amaro Lucano has been my go-to digestif for the past few months after it was recommended to me by an Italian colleague. Truth to be told, it has also been my aperitif on many occasions as well…please don’t lynch me. Amaro Lucano is available at most LCBOs and has a wallet-friendly price tag of around $23 for a 750 mL bottle.

Amaro Lucano is a blend of water, alcohol, sugar, caramelised sugar and some 30 odd herbs. It has a bitter-forward aroma with herbal notes and a sweet back-end. The nose is somewhat comparable to that of Unicum or Jaggermeister but unique on its own. It has a heavy mouth-feel and a very sweet, candy-like feel around the tongue. But, it is quite bitter and that bitterness sticks and lingers on your tongue as the liqueur makes its way back. The finish is very herbal though traces of caramel are present.

I love bitter beverages and I love the subtle candy-like sweetness this one has. It helps round off the rough edges and tone down the bitterness just a notch.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

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