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Halo Brewery Impossible Geometries IIPA

halo brewery impossible geometries iipa

Halo Brewery is a cozy brewery nestled in Toronto’s Junction Triangle. The place is small, but they have all the essentials – lots of beer and a few basic snacks. I finally visited the brewery after making a stop at Toronto Distillery a few blocks away. My visit was short and on point. I went in and a few minutes later I walked out with at least 1 of every beer they had…8 at the time. Unfortunately I consumed most of them the same day, but I saved a couple of heavy hitters, like this Impossible Geometries IIPA, for this site.

Halo’s Impossible Geometries is a double IPA that clocks in at solid 8%. The beer is a touch hazy and pours with a solid, yet pinkie-thin head while oozing a ton of sweet tropical fruits. The flavor hits you immediately with a sensory-overwhelming blend of sweet malts, sweet tropical fruits (mostly papaya and mango) and some toasted biscuits. As soon as you adjust to the intensity, the hops come in and take the sweetness down with their bitterness and introduce a mild grassy tone. The finish is a tad boozy and alternates between sweet and bitter each moment. There are also some remnants of the tropical fruits.

This is definitely a sipper unless you enjoy the flavor punch and don’t mind the slight booziness towards the end.

Rating: 4.5/5.0


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