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Bandit Brewery Brine of the Ancient Mariner

bandit brewery brine of the ancient mariner

According to Google, I live 1.5 miles away from Bandit Brewery, but had never gone there…until this weekend. I got one of everything they had in the bottle shop and paid a little under $25. Not bad for a local Toronto brewery.

For the first review, I decided to do Bandit’s Brine of the Ancient Mariner – an oyster stout.

This oyster stout pours with a very thin head that dissipates very quickly. The nose is sweet upfront with notes of dried fruits, chocolate cake and molasses. At the back are the more stouty notes like roasted nuts and mild coffee. The mouth-feel is surprisingly smooth and almost velvety. There is minimal carbonation and the bubbles are tiny and gentle adding to the smooth character of the beer. There are notes of chocolate/coffee cake, light grass, molasses, raisins, honey, vanilla, and very subtle coffee towards the end. The finish is mildly hoppy with lingering notes of roasted nuts, dark chocolate and a very distant salty note.

I loved this one. The smoothness kept me going for more and I just wish I bought more than the one. Awesome introduction to Bandit.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

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