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Batch Brewery Toronto Review


I had to add “Toronto” to the title of this review to avoid any confusion with Detroit’s Batch Brewing. Technically, Toronto’s Batch is a “gastrobrewery” as in microbrewery/pub/lounge/whatever….

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A Night at Indie Ale House

indie ale house couchsurfer ipa

OK, I have been at Indie Ale House many times but this time I was sober enough to remember to grab a few bottles and here they are….minus…

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Woodhouse Brewing Lager

woodhouse brewing lager

This is actually an amber lager. I was expecting a pale brew to come out of the can, but what came out was a cold, amber liquid with…

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Magnotta Small Batch Cider

magnotta cider

Magnotta’s cider is actually an apple flavored cider, much like Somersby. That means, that in addition to the cider, there are ton more ingredients. OK, there are 5…

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Crazy Beard Mad Ginger Beer

crazy beard mad ginger beer

I know I have been slacking with these reviews, but the urge to review everything new I try comes and goes. I think because of the freshness of…

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Mike’s Extra Dry Hard Lemonade

mikes extra hard dry lemonade

Just a week or so after I reviewed Mike’s Mike-Arita, I came across another new Mike’s – Mike’s Extra Dry Hard Lemonade. The lemonade comes only in 473…

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Mike’s Mike-Arita

mikes mike-arita

Here I go being lazy again. It is late at night and I am just too lazy to squeeze out a few limes and make myself a Margarita….

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Cracked Apple Cider with Spiced Rum

cracked apple cider with spiced rum

With an extra 27 mL, the 500 mL can of Cracked Apple Cider stands out in the LCBO isle as it towers over its neighbors. For $2.95, a…

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À La Fût La Crique

a la fut la crique

Going through my Quebecois stash of beers this red label caught my eye and just begged me to crack it open. If you slowly repeat the words “La…

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