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Black Creek Apricot Ale


This hazy dark copper Black Creek Apricot Ale smells like someone stuck a juicy apricot in my nose and then smeared apricot jam all over my face. I…

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Bosca Vermouth Di Torino Rosso


Bosca Di Torino Rosso is a new vermouth that recently joint the shelves of LCBO and my bar. I have been testing this vermouth for a few weeks…

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Batch Brewery Toronto Review


I had to add “Toronto” to the title of this review to avoid any confusion with Detroit’s Batch Brewing. Technically, Toronto’s Batch is a “gastrobrewery” as in microbrewery/pub/lounge/whatever….

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Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer


Yesss!!! Finally found a can of Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer to take home and review in peace. I have had this in the past and loved it,…

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Glenmorangie Ten Years Old

glenmorangie ten years old

My first exposure to Glenmorangie was a couple of years ago at the neighborhood scotch palace and since then I have purchased and consumed several bottles. This time…

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Rittenhouse Rye Bourbon

rittenhouse straight rye whisky

Whew, I almost failed to save another bourbon for a review. It is so hard to keep these bottles at home, you know. Lately our friendly neighborhood LCBO…

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Grow a Pear Cider

grow a pear cider

Best. Name. Ever! OK, maybe not ever, maybe the best one I have heard/seen this month, but still. Grow a Pear comes from Double Trouble Brewing, the guys…

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Turning Point Apple Cider

turning point apple cider

This $3 can of cider comes from Vancouver and has a pale straw color with a moderate amount of bubbles. On the nose are sweet, juicy apples, a…

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Summer Radlering

moosehead radler rickards radler

It is not just root beers at LCBO, radlers are flooding the shelves as well. Rickard’s and Moosehead’s versions are the latest to come out…except one is not…

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Nickel Brook Raspberry Uber Berliner

nickel brook raspberry uber berliner

Loving this 375 mL bottle; it really classes up my mid-day drinking. And it doesn’t make me go cuckoo since it clocks in at just over 3%. Classy…

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