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Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest

roundhouse craft beer fest tokens

So this was a bit poorly planned, but I decided to write a quick review of the Roundhouse Craft Beer FestĀ and compare it to the Toronto Festival of…

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Weekend Tastings – Ugly Beer cans and Shandys

hockley 100 old style pilsner rickards shandy

The title says it all, yes, I am trying a beer that caught my eye because of its ugly label. Well, it worked. What also caught my eye…

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Weekend Tastings – Cheap Cider and Fish….ish

How about that GTA storm on Friday, eh? Aside from the fallen trees and some damages the weather got really nice after and stayed cool and sunny for…

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Ephemere Black Currant Review

ephemere black currant

Unibroue’s Ephemere is rarely sold in Ontario and when you find one, it is an apple one. We have tried and reviewed the apple one a long time…

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Aguila Beer Review


Here is something new – beer from Colombia. And it is only $2.00 for a bottle, but mind you, it is a light beer. The beer is pale…

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Grolsch Lemon 2.5 Review

grolsch 2.5 lemon

I know this review comes late in the summer season, but I was finally able to save a bottle. If you can’t tell from the picture, the bottle…

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Stonewall Light Beer Review

stonewall light

Here is another new product from the shelves of the local LCBO store. This is Stonewall Light, which is a light beer with natural lime flavour. It is…

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Edelweiss Weissbier Review


I am finally back home after some traveling to the US and in Ontario and one of the first things I did was visit the largest local LCBO…

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Sinha Stout Review

sinha stout

Sinha Stout is one of those beers that I eye every time I go to an LCBO store, but don’t buy for months until I really, really want…

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Headstrong Black & Tan Review

headstrong black and tan

Last week when I was at an LCBO in Toronto I came across Headstrong’s Black & Tan for the first time. For those who don’t know what a…

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