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Zwack Apricot Liquor


I love eau de vie’s (colorless fruit brandies for non-Canadians and non-French speaking folk) and fragrant and light liquors like this Zwack Apricot Liquor. Spirits like these become…

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Mike’s Extra Dry Hard Lemonade

mikes extra hard dry lemonade

Just a week or so after I reviewed Mike’s Mike-Arita, I came across another new Mike’s – Mike’s Extra Dry Hard Lemonade. The lemonade comes only in 473…

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Black Fly Vodka Sour Grape

black fly vodka sour grape

Yes – new Black Fly product. Love the Black Fly products and I am happy to see a new one. This one has a very dark purple color (from…

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Ungava Gin

ungava gin

Yup, this gin is yellow…and Canadian. But the second part shouldn’t surprise you much. Canada does make some gins. In fact, just earlier this year I reviewed a…

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64° Reykjavík Distillery Juniper Schnapps

64 reykjavic distillery juniper

I figured I call this Juniper Schnapps because that’s how the distiller’s site referred to it in English. The Icelandic translation (or should I say original name) is…

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Black Fly Beverages Review

black fly group shot

Long Island Iced Tea This one is lightly carbonated and surprisingly heavy on the tequila…and I love tequila. Shockingly, it is not very sweet. I kept drinking and…

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Crazy Uncle Basil, Honey & Lime Daiquiri Review

crazy uncle basil honey lime daiquiri

Just in time for the hot summer weather comes the next Crazy Uncle, except this time instead of trying to warm you up this premixed cocktail is trying…

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Crazy Uncle Blood Orange Rosemary Maple Punch Review

crazy uncle

This is a new LCBO release part of the Christmas specials and with a name like “Crazy Uncle” how can I resist buying it? The bottle comes with…

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The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Review and Cocktails

the kraken black spiced rum

About a month ago I bought a bottle of The Kraken, one of the very few black rums sold in Ontario. By the end of the day the…

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Martini Bianco Review and my first infusion

martini bianco

I always keep a couple of bottles of Martini at my house in case I want to make a Martini or a Manhattan. It is always sweet and…

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